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  • Who can join NCFM?

No formal educational background is necessary for registration to the NCFM programme. Nor is there an age requirement. However, candidates are expected to be numerate and comfortable with written English.


  • How to join NCFM?

One can join NCFM by registering himself for the programme by filling up part-I of the prescribed registration form. The candidate may enroll for the chosen module by filling up part-II of the said form. The details regarding the test center, date and time of test are informed to the candidate. 


  • Is there any deadline for taking the test?

Yes. Test fees are valid for six months from the date of payment. Candidates need to enroll for the test(s) within six months from payment of fees.


  • Is it necessary to take test of all modules of the NCFM?

No. A candidate can seek testing and certification in any module of his choice.


  • When and where to take the test?

The test is conducted everyday on week days (except on Exchange specified holidays) at all six NSEIL offices viz., Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. Such tests are also offered from any other location in India, if there is adequate demand for the same.


  • How to prepare for the test?

On submission of the prescribed form along with the test fees, the candidate is supplied with study material for all modules EXCEPT for AMFI-Mutual Fund Modules, Corporate Governance Module, Compliance Officers Modules, Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning Module, Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits Module, Investment Planning Module and Tax Planning & Estate Planning Module.


  • Can I postpone the Test?

Once a test date and time slot have been allotted, the test can not be rescheduled. You may seek fresh enrollment.


  • How to take the test?

On arrival at the designated test centre on the specified day, the test administrator verifies identity of the candidate and grants him access to the test terminal. In case of online enrollment, candidates are required to bring hall ticket with their photograph duly affixed on it alongwith photo id proof (as mentioned on the hall ticket) which is verified by the test administrator before allowing the candidate to take the test.

          Taking the test on the NCFM’s automated testing system is very simple. The candidate is provided a practice test to familiarise himself before the actual test. On punching the registration number, the system generates a completely new and unique question paper consisting of questions selected randomly from a vast question bank. The system ensures that although the candidates get different questions in a question paper, the same level of difficulty is maintained for each of them. The questions are followed by four probable answers. The correct alternative needs to be indicated by click of the mouse. The time remaining to complete the paper is constantly displayed on the top right-hand corner. Once the candidate completes answering the question paper, he submits the same for evaluation. The answers are evaluated immediately and the marks are provided to him on the spot by the computer. There is, however, a system of negative marking for incorrect answers. The negative marking is applicable to all modules, except Financial Markets: A Beginner’s Module, Mutual Funds: A Beginner’s Module, Currency Derivatives: A Beginner’s Module, Equity Derivatives: A Beginner’s Module, Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning Module, Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits Module, Investment Planning Module, Tax Planning And Estate Planning Module and Examination 5.


  • When do I get my result?

Marks are provided to the candidate immediately on submission of the answer paper. A certificate is mailed to the successful candidates within 15 to 20 days from the test date. However, in case of Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning Module, Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits Module, Investment Planning Module and Tax Planning & Estate Planning Module, a certificate is mailed within 30 to 40 days from the test date.


  • Can I get any assistance during the test?

The candidate can bring only a scientific calculator and a pen to the examination hall and nothing else. No assistance is available during the test. Rough sheets are provided to the candidate for carrying out their workings. A backup sheet is provided to the candidate to list out the answers selected by him. The candidate is required to return the rough sheets and the backup sheet to the invigilator before leaving the test room. A candidate found using any unfair means (including use of mobile telephone) or in possession of any incriminating material during the test will be expelled from the examination hall and his test would be cancelled. The decision of the invigilator in this regard shall be final.


  • How long is the Certification valid?

The certificate remains valid for 5 years from the date of the test for all modules EXCEPT Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module, Commodities Market Module, Information Security Auditors Module, AMFI-Mutual Fund (Basic) Module, Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning Module, Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits Module, Investment Planning Module and Tax Planning & Estate Planning Module.

               In case of AMFI-Mutual Fund (Basic) Module the certificate remains valid for life-time. In case of Information Security Auditors Module the certificate remains valid for 2 years. In case of Commodities Market Module and Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module the certificate remains valid for 3 years. In case of Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module, the certificate can be extended to 5 years by undergoing a prescribed and approved refresher course. This ensures that the candidate continuously updates his knowledge and skill. The course contents are revised frequently in tune with changes in the environment ensuring that the candidates passing out are equipped with the latest skills required in the industry.


  • Can I cancel my scores?

You cannot get your scores cancelled. You may reappear for the same test to improve your scores by seeking fresh enrollment in the same module. In case of Information Security Auditors Module a certificate is issued only when candidate clears Part-1 and Part-2. In case, candidate wants to improve score in the said module, he has to clear again both Part - 1 and Part - 2 in order to obtain certificate with the revised scores.







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